See ESD 112 Conference Center Guidelines COVID Phase 3 Plan for current room restrictions.

9:00 A 10:00 A ECE Health Services Meeting     julia kintz Meeting
11:00 A 11:30 A health meetings     julia kintz Meeting
9:00 A 10:30 A ESA Team Vancouver     Chelsea Howard Meeting
12:00 P 5:00 P IPP Coordinator Meeting Setup     Sammy Carroll Meeting
11:30 A 12:30 P Project Voice Meeting     Pranjali Upadhyay Meeting
2:00 P 3:00 P Zoom Meeting     Sara Moore Meeting
River East
9:00 A 10:00 A HR Onboarding/Benefits     Rachael Lafferty Meeting
10:00 A 12:00 P Kaela and Cheryl     Kaela Praisewater Meeting
1:00 P 3:00 P RSSC Safety Audit     DEB DRANDOFF Meeting
River West
8:00 A 10:00 A New Employee onboarding     Katrina Alderman Meeting
11:00 A 11:30 A PPC     Nikki Potter Meeting
12:30 P 2:00 P health services meeting     julia kintz Meeting
2:30 P 3:30 P MHC Report     Michelle Aguilar Meeting
9:00 A 3:00 P New Hire Orientation     Jennifer Hines Meeting
St. Helens
8:30 A 10:30 A Zoom Meeting     Chelsea Jacobson Meeting
11:30 A 2:30 P Zoom Meetings     Allie Brucculeri Meeting
11:00 A 1:00 P ISC Student planning     Tammy Burnham Meeting

Waiting List, Pending and Cancelled Events

Session Cancelled 11:30 A - 1:00 P SaSS Director Meeting Adam Noar meeting Columbia
Event Cancelled 1:00 P - 2:00 P Workgroup Meeting Sara Moore meeting Columbia
Event Cancelled 8:30 A - 10:30 A FSS Team Meeting JENNIFER JONES meeting Klickitat

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