See ESD 112 Conference Center Guidelines COVID Phase 3 Plan for current room restrictions.

9:00 A 11:30 A monthly monitoring meeting     ROBERT REYNA Meeting
12:00 P 2:00 P FSS Check In     Jennifer Jones Meeting
10:30 A 1:00 P Yes planning     Becky Mohagen Meeting
10:00 A 12:00 P SWWA Chapt. Transportation Supervisor Meeting     Cherrie Williams Meeting
1:00 P 4:00 P Staff Headshots     Melissa Burt Meeting
6:00 P 8:00 P Loving Solutions     David Bower Meeting
10:00 A 11:30 A ARP Team Meeting     Claire Pearson Walker Meeting
12:30 P 2:00 P YES Team Meeting     Claire Pearson Walker Meeting
1:00 P 2:30 P T&L Extended Leadership Team (ELT) Meeting     Laura Knox Meeting
River East
11:00 A 12:00 P ESIT Support Staff Meeting     Amber Kennedy Meeting
1:00 P 2:30 P Risk Co-Op Meeting     Wendy Niehaus Meeting
River West
8:30 A 9:00 A ECE Meeting - RR and JL     Kelli Tokuyama Meeting
10:00 A 1:00 P FSS Check In     Jennifer Jones Meeting
11:00 A 12:00 P ECE Meeting - JB and ME     Kelli Tokuyama Meeting
2:00 P 3:00 P ECE Meeting - RR and KP     Kelli Tokuyama Meeting
7:30 A 3:30 P Student Coord Lab Training     Christy Price Meeting
1:00 P 3:00 P Kaela     Kaela Praisewater Meeting
St. Helens
10:30 A 1:00 P zoom eval     nora sedlock Meeting
8:00 A 12:00 P Forklift Training     Melissa Lake Meeting
3:00 P 4:30 P Equity Committee Meeting     Adam Noar Meeting
Zoom 1
10:30 A 11:30 A SLP zoom visit     Kristin Lutz Videoconference
2:00 P 3:00 P AESD EA Meeting     Sara Moore Meeting
Zoom 2
11:00 A 12:00 P Budget Check In     Christopher Belisle Meeting
Zoom 3
11:30 A 2:30 P B-3 Zoom meeting     Sara Moon Meeting
Zoom 4
10:00 A 12:30 P Central Van Steering Committee     Kelley Groen-Sieckmann Meeting
3:00 P 4:00 P Facilities Equipment Audit     Laura Knox Meeting

Waiting List, Pending and Cancelled Events

Event Cancelled 8:00 A - 5:00 P Hold - Still storage? Adam Noar meeting Rainier

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