See ESD 112 Conference Center Guidelines COVID Phase 3 Plan for current room restrictions.

8:00 A 12:00 P ECE Interview     Jackie Brock Meeting
9:00 A 11:00 A Meeting     Marnie Allen Meeting
10:00 A 11:30 A Health Forms     Yolanda Rivera Meeting
1:00 P 5:00 P YES Meeting     Becky A Mohagen Meeting
2:00 P 2:30 P June Planning Meeting     Yolanda Rivera Meeting
2:00 P 2:30 P zoom     Jessica Kullmann Meeting
8:00 A 5:00 P Storage     Melissa Lake Meeting
River East
9:00 A 10:00 A Check In DM/KK     Danisa McLean Meeting
10:30 A 11:30 A Zoom Visit     Taryn Betka Meeting
12:30 P 1:00 P Check In DM/AM     Danisa McLean Meeting
1:00 P 2:00 P Check In DM/AM/MA     Danisa McLean Meeting
River West
9:00 A 10:30 A School Nurse Mtg     Sharon Green Meeting
11:00 A 1:30 P meeting     julia kintz Meeting
9:00 A 11:30 A FSS Check In     Jennifer Jones Meeting
St. Helens
8:30 A 9:30 A Zoom Visit     Taryn Betka Meeting
10:30 A 11:30 A Zoom meeting     Alexandra Brucculeri Meeting
9:00 A 4:00 P ISC Training     Christy Price Meeting

Waiting List, Pending and Cancelled Events

Event Cancelled 8:30 A - 9:00 A ECE Meeting - HD, DMC, and KT kelli tokuyama meeting Chinook

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