See ESD 112 Conference Center Guidelines COVID Phase 3 Plan for current room restrictions.

9:00 A 12:00 P Train Jenna     Kaela Praisewater Meeting
12:30 P 1:00 P Check in with Kaela     ROBERT REYNA Meeting
1:30 P 2:30 P Immunization follow up     ROBERT REYNA Meeting
3:00 P 4:00 P ECE Meeting - JB, SS, AG, ME, RF     Kelli Tokuyama Meeting
12:30 P 2:00 P Grow and Learn Team Meeting     Ashlie Chamberlain Meeting
2:00 P 3:00 P SR YR Check-in     Yolanda Rivera Meeting
River East
8:00 A 9:00 A Skamania Practitioner Call     Yolanda Rivera Meeting
9:00 A 2:00 P SNC Meeting     SHARON GREEN Meeting
2:00 P 2:30 P Promising Practice Chat     Julie Jacobson Meeting
River West
11:30 A 12:30 P Erin/Michelle Check-in     Yolanda Rivera Meeting
1:00 P 2:00 P ECE Meeting - RR and KP     Kelli Tokuyama Meeting
2:30 P 4:00 P CCA Check In     Michelle Aguilar Meeting
9:00 A 4:00 P Fiscal Coord Lab Training     Christy Price Meeting
St. Helens
9:00 A 11:00 A FSS Check In     Jen Jones Meeting
1:00 P 1:30 P FSS Check In     Jen Jones Meeting
2:30 P 4:00 P Teen parent meeting     julia kintz Meeting
8:00 A 5:00 P Training     Abram Krebs Meeting
Zoom 1
9:00 A 12:00 P Coordinators Meeting     Paula Linden Meeting
Zoom 2
12:00 P 2:00 P Prevent Meeting     Matthew Cox Videoconference
3:30 P 5:30 P zoom eval     nora sedlock Meeting
Zoom 3
2:30 P 4:00 P Supervision mtg     Sarah Ruhl Meeting
Zoom 4
4:00 P 5:30 P EI Zoom Eval     Nikki Potter Meeting

Waiting List, Pending and Cancelled Events

Event Cancelled 12:00 P - 5:00 P HOLD for T&L ELT Laura Knox meeting Klickitat
Event Cancelled 12:00 P - 5:00 P HOLD for T&L ELT Laura Knox meeting Skamania

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